Midwest PHP has been converted to a virtual conference. Join us via our free stream or on Nomad PHP.


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First and foremost, thank you for your continued patience and support as we navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. It has always been our goal to bring the highest quality speakers and the latest technology to the community.

With the latest recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Governor, the CDC, and WHO - we have decided to turn Midwest PHP into a** 100% virtual conference**.

**We understand this decision may impact your desire to attend Midwest PHP, and have created numerous options for our ticket holders below (including an option for a full refund).**

### Attending Midwest PHP Virtually

Midwest PHP will be streamed virtually on Nomad PHP. To watch Midwest PHP you will need to convert your ticket into a Nomad PHP subscription or purchase a Nomad PHP subscription. This subscription not only provides you with access to the Everyday PHP, Security & Performance, and Enterprise tracks - but also to streams of select PHP conferences, monthly live talks and workshops, 200+ videos on demand, php[architect] magazine, certification, and more.

Free ticket holders will not need a subscription to Midwest PHP to stream our free beginner track. Details will be emailed to free (Open) pass holders in the days before the event.

##### [See streaming options](/stream)


### Ticket Holder Options/ Refunds

**Free (Open) pass holders:** no action is required at this time. You will be emailed details for the stream a few days before the event takes place.

**Pro & Enterprise pass holders:** the person who purchased tickets will be receiving an email shortly with the option to convert the tickets into a year's subscription of Nomad PHP ($220) with a refund of the difference, or a full refund of the ticket purchase price.

Ticket holders who choose Nomad PHP, along with the benefits Nomad PHP offers including live streaming of additional PHP conferences, will also receive the following:

* Midwest PHP swag bag mailed to them

* 20% discount on next year's Midwest PHP

* "Certified" pin upon completion of Level 1 PHP Certification

* Paperback copy of Undisturbed REST or Programming PHP

### Canceling Travel & Lodging

**Air travel:** Many airlines are offering free cancellations and modifications to flights. Please contact your airline to see what options are available to you.

**Hotels:** Every hotel is different. However, the Marriott family and Hilton family of hotels have both offered free cancellations for hotel reservations. Please contact the hotel you are staying at to see what options are available to you. Note - delays in cancellation may result in cancellation fees and/ or penalties depending on your hotel's policies.